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I was able to put together a one-hour training seminar for our team on how to use H5P and then our staff was able to really quickly build courses on the site.

Within a month, we had 14 programs up on the Moodle™ platform in some version and that was really made possible by the simplicity of building courses in Moodle™ with H5P.


Webinar series breakdown

How digital content drives success

We will dive into why digital content is important for your learners; how a diverse variety of content types can help your students succeed, and a brief overview of the important topics that will be covered in the next two sessions.


Tools for creating digital content in Moodle™

We will explore some of the most effective digital content creation tools that are either native in your LMS or easy to incorporate to help you build innovative content for your learners. These tools will help you stretch your content creativity and efficiency.


Join us for one or attend all three - completely up to you! By registering, we'll notify you with updates for all three webinars in the series and provide you with access to the recordings following the sessions.

Sitting for long periods can have serious health consequences, especially if one's posture and workstation are poor.

WEEK #14 | FRI 2 OCTOBER 2020


How to Setup an Ergonomically Correct Workstation

Don't have the resources to create your own content? Bring it in!

Sometimes, it is more effective to seek help from content experts to create custom courses or provide you with pre-made courses. This session will explore how to integrate a variety of externally created content into your LMS and what resources are available to get your team the content they need to succeed.


How do you create an eLearning RFP that focuses on getting the right answers?

Tami Bonnet-Admi

Principal, 3GEM Consulting

Tami is Principal and CEO at 3GEM, a boutique consultancy that lends her expertise and a track record of success to organizations of all sizes on topics including educational strategic planning, technology acquisition and implementation, process development, program management, and curriculum design and development.

With over two decades of experience in management and senior leadership roles for companies including Blackboard, Sevatec and K2P, Tami has directly contributed to revenue, growth, and driving new business.

Tami is also a self-confessed start-up junkie who loves transparency, writing and, yes, RFPs! She’s written hundreds of proposals and assisted teams in bringing them to fruition, loving (almost) every minute of it!

Meet your presenters

I want to make my next RFP process a breeze.

You’ll probably agree that tech procurement is an important part of every organization’s digital transformation journey. The same is doubly true when it comes to eLearning and upskilling. But too often we run into cumbersome acquisition processes that just miss the mark. We want to help you approach your next RFP with a fresh perspective and an effective action plan.

At the end of the day: Are you looking for a specific piece of technology, or are you trying to build an effective learning environment?

This unique session will provide you with a more modern approach to developing RFP processes, with expert advice from people who work with them on a daily basis. Only a limited number of slots are available, so save your seat now!

In this special webinar, you’ll get:

  • An understanding of the “big picture”, and how to navigate across culture and processes effectively

  • An insider’s look into the building blocks of a successful RFP

  • An action plan you can apply to your next RFP that has been used based on hundreds of successful RFP processes

  • All of this and more in a casual, high-substance exchange of expert practitioners

And how do you build a hassle-free process that sparks innovation, not dread? Let Tami Bonnett-Admi and Open LMS explain.

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Relive the Live Session held on Wednesday, October 5

With Kate Johnston, Open LMS Account Executive 

Kate is the lead sales representative for Open LMS in Midwest U.S., with 15 years of experience as a sales director, writer and researcher, and Communications professor. As an executive who finds joy in figuring out why a system isn’t working and then fixing it, she’s well versed in the requirements of SaaS, cloud-based service providers, and communications systems.

Stephen Ladek is an eLearning evangelist and the host of the eLearn Podcast. Ladek has a uniquely distinct background as a lifelong expat, which includes a 13-year run as Principal for an international NGO focused on the monitoring and evaluation of bids and projects for USAID, the World Bank, and the UN Family of Organizations.

Hosted by Ladek, Principal of eLearning Advocacy at Open LMS