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I was able to put together a one-hour training seminar for our team on how to use H5P and then our staff was able to really quickly build courses on the site.

Within a month, we had 14 programs up on the Moodle™ platform in some version and that was really made possible by the simplicity of building courses in Moodle™ with H5P.


Webinar series breakdown

How digital content drives success

We will dive into why digital content is important for your learners; how a diverse variety of content types can help your students succeed, and a brief overview of the important topics that will be covered in the next two sessions.


Tools for creating digital content in Moodle™

We will explore some of the most effective digital content creation tools that are either native in your LMS or easy to incorporate to help you build innovative content for your learners. These tools will help you stretch your content creativity and efficiency.


Join us for one or attend all three - completely up to you! By registering, we'll notify you with updates for all three webinars in the series and provide you with access to the recordings following the sessions.

Sitting for long periods can have serious health consequences, especially if one's posture and workstation are poor.

WEEK #14 | FRI 2 OCTOBER 2020


How to Setup an Ergonomically Correct Workstation

Don't have the resources to create your own content? Bring it in!

Sometimes, it is more effective to seek help from content experts to create custom courses or provide you with pre-made courses. This session will explore how to integrate a variety of externally created content into your LMS and what resources are available to get your team the content they need to succeed.


Michael Feldstein

Michael is Chief Accountability Officer at e-Literate. Previously, he has been a Partner at MindWires Consulting, Senior Program Manager of MindTap at Cengage Learning, and Principal Product Strategy Manager for Academic Enterprise Solutions (formerly Academic Enterprise Initiative, or AEI) at Oracle Corporation. Additionally, Michael was an Assistant Director at the SUNY Learning Network, where he oversaw blended learning faculty development and was part of the leadership team for the LMS platform migration efforts of this 40-campus program. Before SUNY, he was co-founder and CEO of a company that provided eLearning and knowledge management products and services to Fortune 500 corporations, with a special emphasis on software simulations. He has also been the interim CLO at The Otter Group, a Senior Partner at Christensen/Roberts Solutions, and a Senior Instructional Designer at Raymond Karsan Associates. In previous lives, Michael has been a freelance writer, an English PhD student, a middle school and high school teacher, a tire wrangler at a Yokohama Tire warehouse, and a professional loafer at Schooley’s Mountain County Park.

About our panelists

In this webinar with the Open LMS team, Michael Feldstein of e-Literate, and a roster of special panelists we explored how to meet the changing needs of today's diverse learners.

You’ve identified the learners that you want to attract to your programs. Now, how do you build a competency-based program that meets the needs of those learners and provide evidence to employers to increase the hiring rate of your graduates?
On this live panel session, we explored...

  • How to build programs that deliver alternative credentials and support workforce development
  • What key technologies are needed to support the delivery of these types of programs 
  • How to meet the needs of learners who are looking for a more direct path to employment 
  • How to do all this in a way that engages the learner and makes them appreciate and enjoy learning

How to Support 

Competency-Based Education

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Who is this session for?

Higher education leaders, administrators, and instructors looking to expand, improve, or diversify their student recruitment efforts.

Individuals involved in the ever-changing higher education market who are looking at ways to modernize systems to meet the current needs and future goals of today’s learners.

Anyone interested in the intersection between higher education and preparing students for future career opportunities. 

The Next Generation of International Student Recruitment: Online Learning

Laurie Pulido

Laurie Pulido is the Chief Executive Officer of Ease Learning, a company she founded in 2003. The company is focused on providing learning design services and technology solutions that help build job readiness and transform the learner experience.  
In her capacity as CEO, she works closely with a wide-range of Higher Ed. institutions, K-12 schools, corporate entities and non-profit organizations to help develop and deliver on their eLearning and face-to-face training and learning strategies.
Building off of her own experience working in both k-12 (Lawrence Public School System) and higher education (Southern New Hampshire University and St. Petersburg College), Laurie has developed an innovative approach to learning design that incorporates best practices in pedagogy, leverages technology to enhance both the instructor and learner experience, and optimizes outcomes to build job readiness.  

Laurie holds a Master’s Degree in Education from Boston College and a Bachelor of Arts Degree from SUNY Binghamton.

Brad Koch

Brad Koch has been supporting teaching and learning for over 30 years. Beginning as an Associate Publisher at Pearson, he published books and software designed to help learners improve technical skills and earn professional certifications in computer technology fields. After transitioning his career into the learning management space, Brad found success as a product leader at ANGEL Learning. Building upon that knowledge and experience, he continued growing and defining advancements within Blackboard and Instructure. Today, Brad has a home at the Open LMS family, leading Strategy and Growth, where his focus is on growing institutions as they strive to deliver an ever-improving online teaching and learning experience.